Saturday, September 23, 2006

Out of Touch

Comcast Denying Access to Google Sites in Massachusetts
eWeek - Sept. 27, 2006
Users of Comcast's Internet services in Massachusetts are unable to access Google sites, Google Watch has learned. Internet users woke up this morning to find that Internet access worked fine for all sites ...
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This article originally caught my eye...

Consumer Affairs
Verizon Funded US Government Survey Downplays Net Neutrality
DailyTech - Sept. 20, 2006
In a recent survey conducted by The Glover Park Group and Public Opinion Strategies LLC, 90 percent of Americans said they preferred to have choices for video service providers over net neutrality.

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Telecom Reform Hopes Fading
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It only goes to show you that if people don't start standing up for their right to an internet that is devoted to what it was originally created for (the free & equal dissemination of information & data), that the big telecoms & the government are going to transform it into a revenue generating circus. Let your local rep know how you feel about your rights to the internet. Be sure to include their name, party, & position of public office. Set aside 1 or 2 hours a week to remind then in whatever fashion you decide, & do it EVERY week until the lobby money isn't worth the fallout.
(Remember the scene from 'Shawshank Redemption' where Andy Dufresne writes the state governor for a prison library, every week for years until he got it.)

You can bet that this study is slanted, incorrect, & was based on uneducated people who don't know what allowing the 'tiered' system will end up like. (Think retired elderly who think the internet will limit their choices of TV programs) All through the 60's, 70's, & part of the 80's, the telecoms packed away the money without improving the infrastructure with new existing technologies that were available at that time. This is why the European Union & Asian nations like South Korea, who made cost effective decisions that provided for future bandwidth, when the time was right several years ago, far exceed the United States in internet immersion today. Its both the telecoms' & the government's responsibility to enable the people of the US, whom they are supposed to serve, to better utilize & have free & unhindered access to the internet. For the sake of the nation & its future generations.

Dumb 'em Down, Glue 'em to the Tube, & Keep 'em In the Dark.
Why was Verizon funding a (true, factual, & unbiased) study for the US Government anyway ??
Can you say blatant Conflict of Interest ?? On both parts !!

Google ought to start laying dedicated fiber EVERYWHERE !!
Bet that would change articles like the one above real quick !!
Just a thought...

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